Identify your transportation options

If an evacuation order was issued today, how would you safely leave your home?

If you have a vehicle

  • Plan to take one car per family to reduce congestion and delay on the highway.
  • If possible, offer empty seats in your vehicle to someone you know that may need a ride or post available seats on the ridesharing platform Poparide.
  • If possible, avoid filling your extra vehicle seats with non-essential physical items. You may meet someone on route that is stranded and needs a ride. Remember, each extra spot in your vehicle could mean a saved life. 

Prepare your vehicle

  • Always have at least half a tank of fuel in your vehicle and if an evacuation is likely fill your tank. If there is an evacuation order, lineups for fuel will be long and local gas stations could run out of fuel or be unable to pump gas due to power outages.
  • Ensure fluids are topped up and your vehicle is serviced. 
  • Have jumper cables and a vehicle emergency kit. 
  • Know how to fix a flat tire and have a suitable spare. 

Do you have a pet?

Yes    No 

If you do not have a vehicle

  • Plan NOW on how you will leave if an evacuation order is issued. If possible, make arrangements with family or friends that own a vehicle. 
  • If there is time to do so, consider trying to connect with someone in your neighborhood with a vehicle through the ridesharing platform Poparide.
  • People evacuating via public transit are asked to limit their luggage to what can fit on their lap. Local transit buses do not have storage areas, and there isn’t room for large amounts of luggage. 
  • Know your way to the Central Muster Points closest to where you work, live, and play. If an evacuation order is issued and you do not have a ride – go to a central muster point so you can connect with transportation to take you to a safe location.  

Locate the central muster point closest to you

  1. First Entrance Emerald
    9105 Emerald Drive
  2. Meadow Park Sports Centre
    8625 Highway 99
  3. Rainbow Park
    5778 Alta Lake Road
  4. Gateway Loop
    4313 Village Gate Boulevard
  5. Creekside Parking Lot
    2029 London Lane
  6. Whistler Interpretive Forest
    Parking lot in Cheakamus

Do you have a pet?

Yes     No

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