False alarms

False alarms cost us all. Help us keep our community safe by keeping your alarm system in check. 

False alarms can limit the resources of Emergency Services and delay response to actual emergencies that may arise.  

Effective January 2023, Per Fire Safety Bylaw No. 2201, 2019, Whistler Fire Rescue Service will charge $250 for each individual false alarm. 

To help prevent false alarms in our community, please remember to:

  • Service your alarm system regularly
  • Have any problems fixed immediately
  • Chose the correct type of detector for each location in your home, commercial space or public building
  • Notify your alarm monitoring company about any fire alarm testing, construction, renovation or remodelling work 
  • Provide a local contact to your security monitoring company who can attend when called

Whistler Fire Rescue Service will charge an additional “no runner” fee of $150 if a property owner does not provide a property representative (runner) to attend a property when requested by the fire department.

No charges will be incurred for fire alarms that result from a fire or if the alarm call is cancelled or confirmed false (by calling 911) before the fire department responds from the Fire Hall.  


Non-emergency number: 604-935-8260
Phone 911 for emergencies