Daily and monthly parking rates

Public parking is available in Day Lots 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, located in the heart of Whistler Village.

Public parking is available in Day Lots 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, located in the heart of Whistler Village.

Parking Map

Day Lots user pay parking

  • No parking in Day Lots 1 to 5 between 3 a.m. to 6 a.m. from November 1 to March 31.
  • Year-round user pay parking in Day Lots 1 to 5
  • Maximum Stay 24 Hours April 1 to October 31
  • Sleeping in vehicles is not permitted on Whistler roads or in parking lots.

Day Lots 1, 2 and 3

Daily rates

  • $18 – standard vehicle
  • No overnight parking Nov 1 to Mar 31
  • Max stay 24 hours Apr 1 to Oct 31

Hourly rate

  • $3 – standard vehicle

Monthly rate

  • $108 – standard vehicle

Oversized Lot (Next to Lot 3)

Daily rates

  • $36 – oversized vehicle*
  • No overnight parking Nov 1 to Mar 31
  • Max stay 24 hours Apr 1 to Oct 31

Hourly rate

  • $5 – oversized vehicle*

No monthly permits available or accepted in this area.

*Oversized vehicles are permitted in Day Lot Oversized only. If your vehicle is over 20 feet, it is considered oversized. Please click here for more information

Day Lots 4 and 5

Daily rates

  • $10 daily – standard vehicles

Hourly rate

  • $2.50  – standard vehicles
  • No overnight parking Nov 1 to Mar 31
  • Max stay 24 hours Apr 1 to Oct 31

Monthly rate (Whistler Resident/Employee only)

  • $40 – standard vehicle

No parking from 3–6 a.m. from November 1 to March 31.

Day Lot 4 Bus Zone

Daily rates

  • $40 daily

Hourly rate

  • $5
  • Overnight parking permitted

How to pay for daily parking

To avoid a parking ticket, when parking near an out of order parking meter please use another parking meter nearby or PayByPhone.

Other Municipal Parking Locations

How to purchase or renew a monthly pass

  • Purchase monthly permits for Day Lots 1 to 5 online.
  • Passes are non-refundable.
  • Passes do not guarantee a space. Refer to the Special Events page to learn about lot closures.
  • Pass renewal is at the discretion of the pass holder. Pass holders will not be contacted when passes expire.
  • Passes are issued per vehicle and are based on the licence plate number. 
  • Passes are for regular sized vehicles ONLY, for oversized options please click here
  • No camping or sleeping in vehicles.
  • No overnight parking (Nov 1- Mar 31).
  • Random, first come, first served parking (no guarantee of parking space).
  • Expect high volume Dec 23-Jan 9 and Canadian/US statutory holidays.

Day Lots 1, 2 and 3

Monthly Rate:

  • $108 per month

Day Lots 4 and 5 Resident-Employee Passes

Monthly Rate:

  • $40 per month

Space is available on a first come, first served basis.

Carpool option for Day Lot 4 and 5:

  • In your online account, add multiple plates to your permit to create a carpool pass.
  • Only 1 plate/vehicle is permitted to be parked per day/time*
  • Only valid in Day Lots 4 and 5.

* If you park an additional vehicle at the same time as the car pool vehicle, please pay and display proof of payment on dash.

Conference Centre Monthly Permits

Monthly Rate:

  • $88 per month
  • Current pass holders:
    Permits are valid for 30 days after date of purchase and are available for renewal online. Permits must be renewed while the current permit is still valid.  After expiry, renewal is no longer available in order to secure a permit for the next month.  ​​
  • Prospective permit holders:
    There are a limited number of permits available and a wait list is currently in place for those interested in purchasing a monthly permit.  When a permit becomes available, the first person on the wait list will be contacted.  The recipient must purchase the monthly permit within 7 days of receiving the confirmation email or they will forfeit the opportunity. 

To add yourself to the wait list, please visit the online Parking Payment System and select “Add/Edit Wait list”. You will be required to login or create an account. 


By adding additional vehicles to your permit, you are linking those vehicles, their histories and parking citations to your profile/account. You are NOT responsible to pay for someone else’s parking citation. If you receive a notice for a vehicle that you do not own but that is linked to your account via your carpool pass, please contact the RMOW Bylaw Department via email at parking@whistler.ca to resolve. Please include the following information:
– Citation Number
– Full Name of Permit Holder (you)
– Full Name, email address and mailing address (if known) for the owner of the vehicle responsible for the ticket

Garibaldi Park and Singing Pass parking information

For more information about Garibaldi Park and Singing Pass Parking please click here

Parking lot closures

The Day Lots may be closed for special event parking throughout the year. Learn more.