Waste Transfer Station

The RMOW’s Waste Transfer Station is located in the Callaghan Valley and operated on a contractual basis by GFL Environmental Inc.

Commercial and residential waste that cannot be accommodated at the Nesters and Function Junction residential waste depots must be delivered to the Whistler Waste Transfer station, including:

  • Commercial garbage, organics and recyclable materials
  • Residential garbage, organics and recyclable materials from strata’s with 12 or more units
  • Commercial landscaping and wood waste
  • Commercial construction waste
  • Large household items (such as mattresses, tires and large appliances)

Hazardous waste such as asbestos drywall, fuels, solvents, batteries and medications are not accepted at the Whistler Waste Transfer Station. Please use the Waste Wizard to find a disposal location for these items. 

Whistler Waste Transfer Station Location

100 Brandywine Forest Service Road in the Callaghan Valley (approximately 7 km south of Function Junction off Highway 99 and the Callaghan Valley Road)

Hours of operation

9 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. daily. Closed on December 25th and January 1st. 

The Whistler Waste Transfer Station is busiest from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. and from 3:30 p.m. to 4:45 p.m. If possible, please time your visit outside of these hours to decrease wait times at the weigh scale.  

Accepted materials and fees

There is a minimum charge of $5 per vehicle disposing of materials at the Waste Transfer Station with the exception of any material or item indicated as free.

Including fridges, stoves, A/C units, hot water tanks, washers, dryers, and freezers.


  • $0 for appliances without refrigerant
  • $0 for appliances with refrigerant
  • Cost: $381 per tonne
  • A Gypsum Declaration Form must be completed for each load and is also available on-site. Used drywall from residents must be double bagged and sealed prior to arrival. Maximum 10 bags per trip and 4 trips per year. Used drywall from companies/ business must be date stamped post 1990 OR accompanied by a hazard assessment and/or lab results confirming NO asbestos. Please see the Gypsum Brochure for additional information.

  • Cost: $221 per tonne
  • Construction waste includes tar roofing paper, carpet, insulation, etc. (not recyclable items or wood)

  • Cost: $221 per tonne

  • Cost: $20 each (maximum 5)


  • $10 per tire
  • $25 per tire with rim


  • $30 per tonne if unchipped
  • FREE if chipped


  • $120 per tonne if unchipped
  • FREE if chipped

  • Cost: $180 per tonne
  • Stained wood, plywood, dimensional lumber, non-laminated engineered wood (e.g., MDF) and wooden furniture  NO preserved or creosote ladened wood.

  • Cost: $496 per tonne
  • Load of landfill waste containing more than 25% recyclable or organic material. (e.g., cardboard, wood, yard waste, metal etc.)
  • Cost: Free
  • Cardboard, flexible plastics, mixed paper, mixed containers, glass containers, bike tires, Styrofoam, propane tanks, paint

  • Cost: $240 per tonne

As per Schedule A – Solid Waste Bylaw No. 2139 2017

  • Cost: $30


  • $30 per cubic meter for all liquid waste delivered via meter at the WWTP except as identified as below
  • $2.75 per cubic meter for all septage delivered from residential septic tanks within the RMOW
  • $1.50 per cubic meter for aerated holding tanks within the RMOW as approved under RMOW Bylaw No. 551, Septage from RMOW Transfer Station and Whistler Compost Plant

Tip material must be under 2.5 m in length. 

Learn more

Take a video tour of the Whistler Transfer Station.


Infrastructure Services

To set up a business customer account for the Transfer Station please contact the RMOW at finance@whistler.ca