Water and Wastewater

The Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) maintains 100 kilometres of water and wastewater pipe and one of the most advanced wastewater treatment plants in North America.

Drinking fountain photo by Justa Jeskova
Drinking Water

Water quality standards in Whistler are very high and drinking water is safe to drink from the tap. 

Conservation photo by Justa Jeskova
Water Conservation

In Whistler, where we are surrounded by waterways and often experience mild, wet winters. It is easy to forget that water is a precious and limited resource.

Wastewater image by Mike Crane

The RMOW operates one of the most advanced wastewater treatment facilities in Canada. Every property in Whistler is connected to the municipal sewage system except a few homes on Alta Lake Road. 

To report any issue with water or wastewater, contact:

Utilities Department 604-935-8300
After-hours emergency 604-935-8320