Bear Updates

October 23, 2017–Audain Art Museum

Oct 23
- As a Bear Smart community, Whistler provides extra funding to the Conservation Officer Service (COS) for non-lethal bear management. This year, some of this funding...
Bear image by Eric Kilby

October 18, 2017–Report Sightings

Oct 19
- We often receive questions about WHY residents should call the Conservation Officer Service to report bear encounters. Bears are wild animals, and although they...
Bear alert image

October 5, 2017–Bear destroyed after causing extensive damage to homes and cars

Oct 05
- Sadly, a bear was destroyed in Emerald after causing extensive damage to homes and cars. When the bear first received a food reward in one vehicle, he then...

October 4, 2017- Bears break into five vehicles in two days

Oct 04
- Over the past two days there have been five reports of bears in several Whistler neighbourhoods breaking into cars to access garbage. These bears have caused...

October 2, 2017–Alpine and Emerald

Oct 02
- There have been several recent reports from the Conservation Officer Service of bears causing damage to homes and cars in the Alpine Meadows and Emerald...
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